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Get Movin.

More and more businesses are seeing the effects of employee health on morale, productivity, and their bottom line (for better or worse!) It’s a direct relationship. While wellness programs in companies have become very popular, many times they are filled with testing and evaluation, instead of inspired action! What’s the solution? The “Get Movin” program

This program is designed to increase performance and profit by increasing the health and morale of every single employee. Whether or not you have a small business with five employees or a corporation with thousands, this is the program for you. It will leave your people with only one thing to do at work. GET MOVIN!

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Get Teachin.

Schools function similarly to businesses; their customers are the students! We see nothing more important to our future than our children. Educators are in a very rewarding position, but much of it comes with pressure and stress. Many schools don’t make or have time to focus on the health of their teachers. While school wellness initiatives have been noble, like businesses, they are filled with mandated assessments and deadlines rather than inspired action! In addition, 61% of all teachers report being overall dissatisfied with their jobs! What’s the solution? the GET TEACHIN program!

Teachers of today not only have to face the normal stresses that come with teaching but also school violence, ADHD, Autism, special needs, and more. That being said, it’s not surprising that 61% of teachers report being dissatisfied with their jobs! So what’s the solution? The GET TEACHIN Program! After this program there will be only one thing to do. “GET TEACHIN!”

Consistency Creates Habits

Experience has shown us that the businesses and groups who schedule a series of at least 3 workshops, get sustainable change and lasting results. Need just one talk? Not a problem. Create your own series from these powerful choices below or let us create a custom series for you based on our results and best practices. We are here for you, just let us know what you want and we will make it happen.

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Get Servin.

We believe those in the service industry are some of the most important people on this planet. And in this fast pace, high stress world it’s becoming increasingly difficult to serve the needs of others. With police, fire, and the church always looking to serve others, how can they focus on their own health and well-being? So what’s the answer? The “GET SERVIN!” Program.

Ever heard this on an airplane? “Put your YOUR mask on FIRST before assisting others.” Why? Because if you die, you can’t take care of anyone! So often we forget this, especially the servants of the world. This program will equip those in service to focus on this principle and keep themselves equipped, masks on, and ready to do what they do best, “GET SERVIN!”

Did Somebody Say FREE Food?!

Yes, you heard that correctly! An additional benefit to the GET MOVIN, TEACHIN, SERVIN programs is that we provide the food. To fit our theme and culture of inspiration and action, we’ve transformed the ever so popular ‘Lunch N’ Learn’ a whole new experience! When you contact us, be sure to ask about how this program can benefit your organization!

I'm Ready - Let's Get Started!
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