Detoxification Therapy

Cellular Detoxification

Cellular detoxification is the missing element is the modern era of medicine. Cellular toxicity is an ever growing factor, if not the primary source of today’s chronic health problems. The most common problems being digestive problems, autoimmune diseases, weight loss resistance, Alzheimer’s, cancer and more. The word “detox” has left many wondering what it means, as many claim to “detox” every system and organ of your body. While some of these systems can do temporary good, most are ineffective and border on dangerous.

Comprehensive Lab Testing

The first place to start is by looking at the cellular level. We do this with testing which will include a urine lab test, a visual contrast and sensitivity test, and a neurotoxicity assessment. All of these tests will be shipped to your home and within a couple weeks we will have the results.

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Once the doctor reviews all of your testing, he will review the results and discuss with you your options in ridding your body of any dangerous toxins in helping you overcome your health struggles. All of this can be done virtually in the comfort of your own home. Depending on what the doctor finds, he will develop a comprehensive game plan to restore your cellular health.

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