Gastrointestinal Repair

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Gastrointestinal Repair

Your gastrointestinal system is directly linked to your nervous system and when weakened will lead towards a poor immune system, autoimmune disorders, metabolic disease, and cancers. A leaky gut is the cause of virtually all gastrointestinal issues in the body. It isn’t something that happens overnight, but slowly after years of exposure to emotional stressors, poor or processed food choices, GMO’s and other environmental toxins. Western medicine’s most common approach is to just give you a drug or a surgery. Unfortunately these patches often times lead to more problems and worsening of the conditions.

The Approach

You will first setup a consultation with the doctor virtually. Here he can get to know your goals and concerns. From there he will see if you are a good candidate for a gastrointestinal repair program. It will consist of repairing and healing the gut through various supplementation protocols, eating plans and lifestyle guidelines.

The Program

There are 3 main steps in repairing the gut. In this program you will be working towards the following.

  1. Remove – Removing the bad bacteria, parasites, viruses in your microbiome is key to healing.
    However we must also remove the inflammatory foods in the diet that create chronic inflammation.
  2. Replace – Replace the bad with the good. Now we can start to replace the bad bacteria with a better
    balance of good gut flora and the foods and enzymes to support it.
  3. Repair – Now the process of repairing the leaking gut can start. Through the right nutrients and
    supplementation the gut can start to heal again. The healing will start at the cellular level and over time
    start to repair the esophagus, stomach, colon.

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