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The key to optimal health is through a strong foundation. Just like a building with a poor foundation, your health will crumble without one. We help you restore that foundation through The 5 Foundations of Health. By looking at these foundations you can identify which areas of your health you are weakest in and start to work on that area of your lifestyle. Only when you have a strong foundation to your health can you truly live a long and abundant life.

The 5 Foundations

  1. Function – The consists of having a properly functioning nervous system that is community signals of healing and repair at 100%
  2. Food – Making sure you have the right foods going in is key, but also ensuring that you aren’t deficient in key nutrients to support your body is a must.
  3. Fitness – Working out is great, but are you working out in a way that is right for you? Consistency here is vital and creating the most efficient workouts for your goals is vital.
  4. Filter – We live in a toxic world. Identifying known and hidden toxins in your environment that will lead to disease is more important now than ever.
  5. Freedom – Freedom in your relationships, finances, and spiritual life are pivotal. Stress comes in all forms, but we must learn how to turn the stressors in our life from destructive forces into construction ones.


The doctors and team at NewEdge Wellness Center are constantly learning and researching the best in natural healing and holistic practices. We weed through the garbage and endless fake news and research to give you the best. We do that through advanced workshops, webinars, and virtual libraries filled with resources that are easy to understand and apply. Some of these are exclusive to our practice members and others are free for all to learn from.

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