What to Expect

If you are tired of just another band-aid approach that is only covering up your symptoms, and you are truly wanting to fix your problem, then we may just be what you are looking for. Our team is committed to helping you reach goals and get results. If your health concern is something we can’t help with, then we will find someone who can. We are here to serve you. We want to find the underlying cause of your health concerns and restore your body to its optimal healing state, so that you can live out your life on your terms and fulfill your purpose.

Its simple. Fill out the application, then you can sit down with our doctor for a one-on-one exam. Together we will create a plan to restore your health.


Your First Visit

YOUR FIRST VISITWe encourage you to fill out our New Patient Health History Form in the comfort of your home to save you time. On the day of your exam, with your paperwork already filled out, you can expect to get started without any delays.

New Patient Intake Form:  Download & Print Here

You’ll sit down with your doctor to discuss the following:

  • Your symptoms, struggles and current limitations
  • Your goals and motivation for fixing our problem
  • What we need to do together to help you achieve those goals

We’ll go through your exam and do any necessary testing like Motion X-rays or labs to help identify the true cause of your concerns. If your new patient application is filled out prior to coming into the office your appointment should be about 30-45 minutes. If you choose to fill it out in the office expect to be here for closer to an hour. The doctor will then schedule you back for a second visit (at no cost) to go over the results from your exam.

I'm Ready! Sign Me Up for My 1st Appointment

Your Second Visit

On your second visit, the doctor will discuss your findings and any recommendations to fix your problem. During this time, the doctor will teach you how to “be the doctor” and how to interpret your own X-rays or other testing, so that you truly understand why your health is being affected and what must be done to correct it. This visit is a good time to bring along a spouse, or a significant person in your life to ensure they can help support you in this journey towards restoring your health.

The doctor will address the cause of your problem and how we can help to fix it. If you feel you can be committed to the process involved in restoring your health and fixing your problem, then the doctor will start helping you achieve your goals that day!.

This is by far the most important visit with our doctor, so please be prepared to be here 30 minutes.

*Note: We are a family friendly office and we love our young patients. However, we ask that if you have young children to find a sitter for this second visit only. It is important that you can devote your full attention to understanding the cause of your problem. Thank you!

Routine Chiropractic Visits

A typical visit with us lasts about 15-20 minutes, you’ll begin your appointment by warming up the spine and muscles with corrective exercises. Afterward, you’ll receive your specific chiropractic adjustment based off your X-rays. After each adjustment, you will do specific rehab, neuromuscular re-education, or some other prescribed exercise in the clinic to restore function. This will accelerate the corrective process and retrain your neurology.

All of our patients receive custom home rehab kits which enables them to get faster, more predictable results!

Educational workshops designed to help you make changes to your lifestyle are held monthly at NewEdge Wellness Center. The more you participate the better results you’ll get! This may include our “Shop with the Health Coach”, where you go to your local grocery store to learn how to shop healthier on a budget. It might be our “Recipe Night” where you’ll learn how to cook healthy meals for the family. There is also our “Dinner with the Doc” where you can invite friends and family to a special dinner and learn the principles of real health. To find out about upcoming events give us a call call 509-737-9355 today!

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